The reason why I put these this picture on here is because, well first the background is New York and i put it because I want to go to New York and live over there and be able to work over there. The other thing would be the money sign, I put this because I want to make money and be wealthy and be able to support myself. Next, would be the world, I put this because I want to travel the world and see new things that I have never seen before. Some other thing would be the graduation cap, I want to graduate both high school and college. The car is on there is because I want to have my own car and have my driver license.

This is all very important to me because I want to be successful in life and want to do something with my life. I feel like since I am now a 12 grader every thing has changed, my view on life, my opinion on life and so many other things. That would be the only thing I want to accomplish in life because I don’t want to be nothing in life, I actually want to do something in my life and not just waste my time thinking about what I’m about to do and be in the future.

This might not be everyone’s ideal type of life but for me its very much a lot like this. A lot of people don’t want to do anything with there life right when they leave high school. Most people have no idea what to do because they don’t have any influence but I’m the same way, I don’t have anyone to look up too. My live in 10 years would be very crazy and now thinking about it just seems crazy and it makes me scared to even think about it now. This new life style would be very crazy and would not be able to get use to it and my family would not be able to see me as much because ima be living in New York and wont be able to see my favorite brother anymore.