silhouette article

Some famous person for this silhouette would be Stan Godlewski. This is something that is very interesting and new for many people to see and remake. Silhouette is something that can be described as a well-defined, black shape that stands out against a brightly lit, uncomplicated background. Each story has something that is very important to each photographer. This is something that would be very important to see and talk about when people ask. Some times it can be a straight up emotion and tell the story right away.

Cultural photography

Cultural photography is something that is very interesting and would always be exciting to see.  Some people are embarrassed to even say that they are an photographer and make it known. Some people got the embarrassment of how they are seen as photographers and on what they do. This is something that most people don’t know how to explain to someone that they are a photographer and that they shot about culture. This to me is very cool and never seen before and make it exciting to see the different things about each culture and how it is.

This is something very cool and makes it interesting that someone would be making something out of someone’s culture. I think this is something that is very eye opening and make sure that we all have a different culture. This is something that no one would be able to make sure it is very important to check what they are photographing. This is something that should be talk about more often because it shows a lot of emotion in a single picture.


Ron Haviv, has been a war photographer for about more than three decades. One of his first international assignments was covering the 1989 coup in Panama. When trump sent his supporters to raid the capital because of the voting prosses, Ron saw a perfect opportunity. It only took an hour for the rioters to arrive at the capital and start raiding it. Haviv saw a  group of dozen of people jumping scaffolding of the inaugural stand. Ron pretended to be a riot as well and jumped the wall with them. When the riotes got inside they all looked at each other and didn’t know what else to do. Trump’s supporters thought they were going to be able to win back America when they are in the capital, going into somewhere where its very important.

Money ching

my opinion on her art work is that it very unique and is very different. I like her art work and is something that i would of never thought to do. Her art work is something that you never imagined for a photographer to do, and something that is surprising for someone to do. Her art work is a mix of cool and confusing, I say confusing because its two things mix together that don’t make sense together but fit.


Motion Blur facts

There is a lot of different things to do and how to take a perfect blurry pictures. First, you have to get a tripod and put it up and make sure you get the right picture. Then, you have to throw something in front of the camera, then make sure to take you take a perfect picture. Then you will get the perfect picture of motion blur.